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Just Getting Paid for our Work…

Let’s face , we’re all thrilled to get new business and we try our best to satisfy our customers. After we finish giving them what they want, now we have to “beg” for what we deserve? (lol). Today, I am looking at 5 invoices that are 6 weeks or more past due.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my clients but is hard as to collect. As many of you know, in the entrepreneur game this is not uncommon.

must wonder, do people in Accounts Payable or Vendors think we have so much money that we can afford to wait as as possible to be paid? As we all know mortgage companies, landlords and utility company bills come ON TIME each month and they expect you to them. So truth be told , WE CAN’T WAIT. When invoices are not paid it kicks a myriad of phone calls to those we owe money to and it seems the more we try to postphone, the more you need the money…that you have earned. I’m sure you know what I mean.

What vendors fail to realize is the checks that we get from them is no different than the checks they collect every 2 weeks like clockwork. Have you wondered how they would feel if they looked at their bank statement and discovered the company has not paid them? Then when they go to accounting they are told “We handed your time sheet in, it should be taken care of week” then week comes and they are still not paid and they go to accounting again and the woman behind the desk is irritated… now their job is at risk and they have to walk on eggshells and at the same time figure out a way to rob Peter to pay Paul until they finally get their check… this is the EXACT way it is for . As one friend pointed out, we have done the work… now pay us.

There is no reason that we should have to explain our financial situation to our clients when all we are asking is to be paid for services rendered.  Comments?

About The Author

Kevin "mrkevross" Ross is a music and radio industry veteran who has owned his own industry business "Radio Facts" for 21 years. His experience working in the industry with everyone from small independent record labels to major record labels and artists as well as consumers has given him undeniable first-hand experience in supply and demand, marketing and promotion, targets and the psychology of running a business. The rules are very different for black and minority entrepreneurs and "mrkevross" explains in a unique and at times humorous perspective how to succeed in business and the mistakes and victories he has seen from some of the biggest celebrities in the music nad radio business.

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