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Signs that Your Business is Failing (BEFORE the Revenue Loss)

Fellow Entrepreneurs..Remember the days that you rolled out of bed ready to take on the new business day with glee and excitement? Do you STILL feel that way about your ? If’ you’ve been doing for a number of years… probably not. Reason? Well, they don’t call the 7 for nothing. It does apply to relationships but relationships of all kinds, including the one that you have with your business and you might very well be tempted to have an “affair” with a whole new business.

I read about an Entrepreneur who lived in New York and ran a bakery for 10 years. He made a lot of money but after 7 years he was burnt out and lost his joy to do it. He didn’t contemplate and make excuses forever but he held on for an additional 3 years and mapped out his plan.  He and his wife sold the business at 10 years then they moved to California’s Wine Country in Temecula Valley and opened an ? Seems strange at but they have events that they tie in with the wineries at their gallery. Something different than they were doing before and they are still very successful and they love it. Not because they picked a new business that would be successful but just the opposite…because they already KNOW how to run a successful business!!!

If any of the following apply to you, my friends it’s to look at starting a new business.

  • You don’t wake up with the same joy or anticipation you once had and it has become a “job”
  • The industry that you work in has changed because of the economy and you are struggling to make ends meet
  • You now have way to much competition and you the client base has gotten smaller
  • You are bored with the business
  • You’re not making the money that you once did but you keep doing it because it’s “paying the bills.”
  • You are longer interested in the field of your business.
  • It has become draining
  • You are working and you feel it. (When you have a business that you “love” it doesn’t seem like you are “working”)
  • You just want to make a change

Well, it’s time to stop complaining and do a spreadsheet with what you would REALLY like to do in your new business. Whether it’s connected to what you are doing now or something totally different, you can do it. start planning and stop complaining.

Best in Business


About The Author

Kevin "mrkevross" Ross is a music and radio industry veteran who has owned his own industry business "Radio Facts" for 21 years. His experience working in the industry with everyone from small independent record labels to major record labels and artists as well as consumers has given him undeniable first-hand experience in supply and demand, marketing and promotion, targets and the psychology of running a business. The rules are very different for black and minority entrepreneurs and "mrkevross" explains in a unique and at times humorous perspective how to succeed in business and the mistakes and victories he has seen from some of the biggest celebrities in the music nad radio business.

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