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Nine Things That will Destroy Your Business

blogwallet.comI’ve seen people who will stay in a like a bad marriage. The signs of divorce are clear years before but many business owners are determined to make what is clearly failing , even when the odds are completely against them. It’s as if they are playing the lottery putting up their last for a magical turn-a-round that will put them back on track but in actuality, they are digging themselves deeper into a hole. Here are some signs your business may very well be in trouble.

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About The Author

Kevin "mrkevross" Ross is a music and radio industry veteran who has owned his own industry business "Radio Facts" for 21 years. His experience working in the industry with everyone from small independent record labels to major record labels and artists as well as consumers has given him undeniable first-hand experience in supply and demand, marketing and promotion, targets and the psychology of running a business. The rules are very different for black and minority entrepreneurs and "mrkevross" explains in a unique and at times humorous perspective how to succeed in business and the mistakes and victories he has seen from some of the biggest celebrities in the music nad radio business.

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